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Wartburg Kirchdorf School

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Situated on top of a hill and overlooking grand views of the Karkloof and the snow-clad Drakensberg Mountains during clear winter days, Wartburg Kirchdorf School is an attractive alternative to the humdrum of the big city. Located within Wartburg Village (about 30 kilometres outside Pietermaritzburg), the school embraces an ethos steeped in the proud traditions of the greater rural community. A heritage that stretches back to 1881, when the original Wartburg and Kirchdorf schools were built.

Co-educational in structure and offering an educational progression from pre-primary to grade 12 (all within one campus), the school prides itself on the personal attention it offers to its learners.

We are proud of our 140+-year history and relish the challenges that our future might hold.

Any endeavour's success or failure is more a function of mental attitude than of mental capacity, and the students who graduate from our institution undoubtedly do so with the work ethic and heart attitude that will enable them to meet the challenges that life throws their way.

Your child’s future starts here.

Our News


Term 1

And just like that, Term 1 is over. What a whirlwind start to the year! At the beginning of the term, we had our German exchange students visit us at WKS for two weeks. During their stay, they visited various local places, and on their last evening, they performed in a concert at our German Evening.

Our open day was a success. We welcomed potential parents and learners for an information-filled day. The 18th Illovo Wartburg Classic, MTB, and Trail Run was an outstanding weekend with a total of 834 entrants. Thank you once again to all participants and sponsors for all your support.

Our Grade 3's had an eventful term. There were many lessons, some of which included lots of fun art, recycled boats, and the testing of the boats buoyancy. They also created feelie fish out of different materials, which wrapped up their theme of the 'sea'. Our Grade 4 learners took their history lesson to a different level and created a museum for some of their personal items that were 10 years old or older.

Our Grade 1 students have been learning about the weather and creating rain gauges. It just so happened that it rained not long after, so the competition was rife, testing which gauges held and filled with the most rain. The preschoolers made some beautiful art and were very enthusiastic about having it displayed for all to see. Our Grade 1 and 2 boys participated in a mini-cricket match against NHP; lots of fun was had by all. Term 1 is our swimming season. The children really enjoyed the primary and high school interhouse galas. There was lots of cheering, and many awards were won. We hosted another successful RHN festival, and all our teams played exceptionally well.

Our Grade 12 learners baked up an amazing dish in consumer studies, the Dream Chocolate Souffle.

This past week, our primary school had the treat of watching The Incredible Dog Show, which was very entertaining and lots of fun! We celebrated Miss Mahabeer’s upcoming nuptials with a surprise bridal shower, and we are all so excited for her to walk down the aisle. We also bid farewell to three of our staff members: Miss Bisnath, our Grade 2 educator; Mr. Goosen, our maintenance groundsman; and Mrs. Gray, our Grade 4 educator. We wish you the best in your ventures to come.

We wrapped up our last day of term with our final assembly, with big smiles and excited faces. We will see you all next term.


Term 2

Term 2 was busy and full of excitement. Rhodes University and Varsity College visited our Grade 12 learners during our fun-filled expo, along with Rocking Future. Our school hosted a blood drive, and we were so proud of the students and teachers who came to donate. Just remember, you are helping to save lives! The Grade R’s had an absolute ton of fun earning their ball licences; they now get to sit at their desks with a giant ball. The pre-primary had a family fun day, dress like a penguin day, a mother’s day tea, and a father's day tea. We threw Mrs. Farr a baby shower and are happy to announce that she welcomed a lovely baby girl. We said farewell to Mrs. Kotze, and we celebrated Miss Mkhize’s baby shower. A new school jacket was introduced, much to the excitement of the high school learners. The whole school had fun wearing slippers while supporting a fantastic cause, Reach for a Dream. Our marketing team went to the Merchiston Expo to promote our school, which was a great success. The high school had civvies day, and the staff had to wear school uniforms, much to the enjoyment of the students. All money raised was sent to the PMB Community Chest. For International Bee Day, bushveld bees visited the pre-primary and grades 1 and 2 to give a presentation on the value of bees. Our Grades 1 and 2 learners played mini-hockey and soccer matches and had so much fun. Our first-team hockey girls played in the spar tournament, which was hosted here at WKS. The primary school boys started preparing for the athletics season next term and had a lot of fun! The high school hockey, netball, and rugby teams attended a festival and played extremely well against all their opposing teams. Our pre-primary and primary schools had an open day, and we got to meet potential parents and learners. We recently started kindness week, and we encourage everyone to show kindness in their communities. This term ended with our June exams for grades 7 to 12. We are so proud of all the hard work and dedication that you all put into your lessons and revisions. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Be safe, have fun, and we will see you all soon!

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Term 3

Term 3 has been busy, busy, busy... Here’s what has happened in our second to last term. Our marketing team started the term by visiting Umhlahli for an expo. The blood drive came to our school hall, and thank you to all those who took the time to come donate. Our staff did a firefighting training course, and they all passed with flying colours! We celebrated Mrs. Ventress by throwing her a combined baby shower and farewell. An old scholar, Thando Manyanga, came to speak to the Grade 12’s about bursaries, university courses, and the transition from school to university, which many learners find quite difficult after leaving school.

The primary school had a successful parent’s meeting afternoon. We said a very sad farewell to Mr. Tome, and we send him and his family the very best wishes. We celebrated Mrs. Hardmann by throwing her a baby shower. WKS had a very successful athletic season for the high school and primary school. We hosted our annual interhouse athletics day as well as the primary and high school invitational athletics meet.

Our Grade 1 learners gave amazing pet orals, telling their class what pet they have, what they eat, and their names. Our primary school and high school soccer girls and boys had an exceptional season, and our first ever high school basketball girls team played many games and even hosted their first home game. Our prefects and RCL spread kindness to our local pensioners and gave them soup on the pension pay-out day. Well done to all our learners for taking term 3 by storm and for doing their best in all their studies as well as all sporting events! Here's to a fantastic end of the term, and we hope you all have a restful and happy holiday. See you in term 4!


Term 4

This term at Wartburg Kirchdorf School was a whirlwind of events, marking the culmination of achievements and memorable experiences across all facets of our school community. From celebrating sporting triumphs, academic excellence, to fostering holistic growth, this term was a testament to the dedication and passion of our students, teachers, and families.

Kicking off the term, we began with the grade 9 course selection meeting, enlightening both our students and their parents about the diverse subjects offered at WKS. We also hosted a successful blood clinic, witnessing an incredible turnout in support of a noble cause.

Throughout the term, milestones were abundant. The Class of 2023, accompanied by their proud parents, bid farewell at their final assembly. The reunion celebrations were a testament to the lasting bonds formed at WKS, with the class of 1963 and 2003 commemorating their special milestones.

As exams commenced, our learners showcased resilience and determination, engaging not only in academic pursuits but also in charitable endeavors.

From fascinating reptile encounters to farm and game reserve visits, our students experienced hands-on learning. Culinary adventures and interactive sessions, like making fruit salad and mini chef days, added a creative dimension to education.

The inauguration ceremony honoring the prefects for 2024 was a momentous occasion, symbolizing leadership and responsibility within our school community. Additionally, events like the Sports Dinner and annual prize givings recognized and applauded the dedication and achievements of our learners across various domains.

Amidst these celebrations, farewells were bittersweet as we bid farewell to Mrs. van Rooyen, Mrs. Kaiser, and Mrs. Mahabeer, thanking them for their invaluable contributions to our school.

As this term draws to a close, we feel immensely grateful for the collective successes and cherished memories that have enriched our school community. Wishing everyone a joyful and rejuvenating holiday season.

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